Gentoo package xfce-extra/xfce4-screensaver: Screen saver and locker (port of MATE screensaver) in the Gentoo Packages Database. Get Gentoo! sites.
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Aug 12, 2017 · Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. It's free, secure and fun! Here are my thoughts on KDE Plasma, GNOME, Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE ...
Feb 12, 2020 · Xfce Screensaver. xfce4-screensaver is a screen saver and locker that aims to have simple, sane, secure defaults and be well integrated with the desktop. This project is a port of MATE Screensaver, itself a port of GNOME Screensaver. It has been tightly integrated with the Xfce desktop, utilizing Xfce libraries and the Xfconf configuration backend.
Disable your screensaver; If you installed Cinnamon spices (applets, desklets, extensions, themes), upgrade them from the System Settings; 3. Upgrade the operating system. Upgrading to Linux Mint 19.2 is relatively easy. In the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info.

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Aug 24, 2017 · They removed xscreensaver from Xfce 18.2 It is still available in the repositories and plays nice with your computer, even better than it did in 18.1. Just search it in the Software Manager, and install the main package, in addition to the other couple of packages, depending on whether there is a particular screensaver you want in there.
Xfce 4.14 was released after 4 years of waiting. It is the most appropriate desktop environment when users need to work on multiple tasks at the same time. This new version also improves the interface, completes and adds features, updates to coordinate with third-party software.
May 18, 2019 · The XFCE desktop environment, for as good as it is, still fundamentally is built on older technology than ones like Gnome Shell or KDE Plasma 5.This fact especially shows with its choice to go with screensavers, rather than a modern, lock-screen way of doing things.

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Pop!_OS and Ubuntu both include the GNOME desktop environment by default. A desktop environment is responsible for the look and feel of the graphical desktop, and includes many of the key programs that get used every day. Xfce Screensaver. A screen saver and session-locking program first packaged with the 4.14 release of Xfce. It uses screensaver themes compatible with Xscreensaver. [48] Although forked from MATE Screensaver, it depends only on Xfce libraries. Table of Xfce 4 components Xfce Screensaver 0.1.0 Released. I am pleased to announce the release of Xfce Screensaver (xfce4-screensaver) 0.1.0! This is an early release targeted to testers and translators. Bugs and patches welcome!

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