In addition to lava, volcanoes may erupt with searing-hot gas formed in the mantle. In a phenomenon called “pyroclastic flow”, this gas (combined with hot ash) can race down the sides of a volcano as fast as 100mph, burning everything in its path. To measure and classify eruptions, scientists developed the Volcanic Explosivity Index, or VEI.
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Sep 14, 2003 · The scenery is awe-inspiring, never before seen by anyone as it is in the film, since even the researchers have never before been able to flood areas the size of a football field with intense illumination, as director Stephen Low's crew did for the film, by attaching lights to the deep sea explorer Alvin. free interactive Treasures, Bakken Elementary, Treasures Unit 2, Selection Test, Treasures Selection Test, blended worksheet - U2W1: Hidden Worlds Selection Test A by teacher Ivy Restemayer

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-Volcano Explorer website-Volcano Explorer worksheet-pen Procedures: 1. To create your own hurricane, click on this link Volcano Explorer. 2. Click on the tabs under "Menu" to get some background information on volcanoes; read the overview. 3. Create a volcano by clicking under "Virtual Volcano" under the menu section on the left. 4. Thirteen / WNET New York, presents SAVAGE EARTH ONLINE, the Web companion to the four-hour series on earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. Highlights include animated ...

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